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Treasure Coast Safety Village

Safety Village To Become Reality

St. Lucie County leaders are developing plans to build a Safety Village in Port St. Lucie.  The educational facility will be open to students, families and others to learn about safety.  First Responders, educators, local government and local/state businesses are involved in the project.

The Village will be based on one in Cobb County, Georgia.  It will be the only Safety Village in South Florida.  “We are working with the Port St. Lucie City Council and St. Lucie County Commission to finalize details for the location,” stated Ronda Cerulli, one of the organizers.  It is designed to provide the highest quality safety education and training to children and adults.  Some of the topics that will be covered include proper installation of car seats, safety features for pools and how to prevent drownings, bike safety, fire safety, school safety and many others.

The Safety Village will be set up as a 503(c) non-profit agency.  “We are on board 100%,” stated Chief Nate Spera, St. Lucie Fire District.  “This is a great idea that will allow for many safety lessons to be taught in one central location by a variety of organizations.”

Planning a facility like this takes tremendous planning and organization.  TRM Construction Management jumped in from the initial concept to help guide the group through various stages of site planning, design, architectural concepts and zoning to move the process along.  “We’re excited to be of this incredible project,” added Rick Miller, President of TRM.  “The lessons learned at the Safety Village will help everyone who visits it to stay safe.”

The Safety Village concept will include a residential safety house, pool and hot tub, training facility and miniature sized town with interactive safety programs.  How to exit a smoke-filled room, how to approach and cross a train track, what to do at a school bus stop are some of the lessons that will be taught.

The purpose of the Safety Village is to educate children and adults to help prevent future injuries and death.  The Village will be open year-round.

For additional information, please contact Ronda Cerulli at (772) 462-3501.

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