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It Takes a Community to Build a Village

In this case, the Treasure Coast Safety Village, which is a collaboration between numerous governmental agencies, non-profits and local businesses.  The Safety Village will sit on a 5-acre parcel, in St. Lucie County and provide the highest quality safety education and training to children and adults.

Plans for the Safety Village include a residential safety house, pool and hot tub, training facility and miniature sized town with interactive safety programs.  First Responders will teach students important life lessons like how to exit a smoke-filled room, how to approach and cross a train track and what to do at a school bus stop.  Information will be provided on the proper installation of car seats, safety features for pools and how to prevent drownings, bike safety, fire safety, school safety and many safety related topics.  It will allow for many different safety lessons to be taught to students and adults at one central location.

“I view this project as a major step forward for our community in the area of safety for our children and seniors,” stated Nate Spera, St. Lucie Fire Chief.  “One of our community goals in the area of Health is to lower the number of unintentional injuries.  The TC Safety Village will help us accomplish that goal, by providing safety education and hands-on training to children and adults,” added Karen Knapp, CEO of United Way of St. Lucie County.

Community leaders who support the Safety Village and are currently working on it include:  Spera, Knapp, Ron Parrish, Director of Public Safety; Clint Sperber, Florida Department of Health in St. Lucie County Lucie; John Bolduc, Chief of Port St Lucie Police; Ken Mascara, St. Lucie County Sheriff; Port St. Lucie Mayor and City Council; St. Lucie County Board of Directors; St. Lucie Public Schools; Indian River State College and many others.

TRM Construction Management and n2 Architecture and Design have contributed thousands of dollars in time and services on the Safety Village project.  Preliminary designs, projected costs, infrastructure needs and other items have been addressed by the two companies.

There are numerous First Responders, Educational and Government Leaders overseeing the project to make sure all safety aspects covered.

“Unintentional injuries are the leading cause of death among children.  It is our belief that the Safety Village will be a tremendous asset to the community and help in reducing the overall injury and death rates,” added Clint Sperber, Health Officer, Florida Department of Health in St. Lucie County.

The Village will be open year-round and teach children and adults safety procedures they can practice throughout their lifetime.  To get involved or to find out more, please call Ronda Cerulli at (772) 462-3501.

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