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Treasure Coast Safety Village


The Treasure Coast Safety Village is a 501(c)3 that believes education will reduce injury risk and help protect our community. The goal is to teach residents important safety techniques, provide guidance on crime prevention, and, most importantly, provide a hands-on learning experience.

The Safety Village facility does more than just present safety information; it is interactive and teaches participants how to react when faced with dangerous situations.

The Safety Village will be centrally located just south of Prima Vista Blvd., in Port St. Lucie, FL.  It will serve the entire population of St. Lucie County, as well as, those living in surrounding communities.  One of its roles will be to serve as a destination for St. Lucie County Public Education students.

The Safety topics will evolve over time to serve the needs of the community and the people who live here.  The village will be open daily with first responders on site to answer questions and provide safety information to those who visit the village.

The Village is being designed by 2TK Architecture & Design, the site plan is being developed by Lucido & Associates, and the civil engineer for the project is Kimley-Horn.

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